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I've said before, you ampland have a pain right in the ass I have to do with the work that a customer is my business. Every time you spend here at least one night together. It's too big to die with great legs and a tight little ass. I do not want to live in Britain and here comes a couple of times a year. The last time I wrote my story, I told you was coming to London and that 's what happened : landed on Tuesday and I could not see her until the next day. But I had been told where they are staying, so I booked a room at the hotel. sent a text message ( SMS) and told him to let me know your room number of the fund. He did, and called from my room. She thought it would mud around her whisper, do not. I told her to get her big ass tight little in my room. Surprise !!!!!!!! ampland She could not believe its fast. Just past the door, let them in They really (and I mean really) had called skinny jeans. It looked likeand of girls in the ZZ Top video 'Legs. ' ampland She told me that a man had tried to speak ill of your level, and he gave her his number. Anyway, it was all I had a towel with a shower. That does not have for long stays. She had, and from its long, slender fingers caressed my balls and my cock was dripping like a faucet. seemed for a time to reach her ​​tight jeans. This resulted in a beautiful black thong. This meant that my penis is cooking ! tells me he is shy. God, I want to know when. She took my cock in her throat, she 's a real bitch with my dick. I think my balls went into the mouth as well. The lower half of my body felt numb. I had some great races his tight little ass in my face was like a river. His pus proved so damn good. She got on all fours. With the ass to me. He spends the next hour or so trying to force my hard ampland cock in her ass. There was no way on this earth, he would go. Not sure if I sucked so big and hard ampland and just done it on purpose to drive me wild, or if you really want my dick in the ass. Want You never mentioned that to fuck her ass before and said that this only made ​​her a larger dog. This seemed too much and returned to deep throat me. Still I can not believe I am in the time that I into place. But when I go I come. I looked at his face, mouth, hair and about the hotel room. the next 5 or 6 hours spent to push around me again and again. Until he could no longer do. Then we slept. Then I awoke from my cock into her mouth and suucking me until I returned. I was ampland so happy to get out and work for a break! ;-) but we go again seven hours later. When I returned to the hotel, who had miss- leather clothes on the bed! black leather mini skirt, stockings and heels. But never had the chance to succeed, we started all ampland over again!!!!!!!!!! I'll be seeing you again soon and this time she is a real surprise !!!!!!
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